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Academic Information Environment RFP Creation

AIE RFP Creation - Complete

Project Description:  Created a Request For Proposal Document identifying the desired Academic Architecture and defining the functional and technical requirements for the new Academic Information Environment and supporting systems.   

AIE RFP Released

The Academic Information Environment (AIE) and supporting systems Request for Proposal (RFP) has been approved and published on the Illinois Public Higher Education Procurement Bulletin.  The RFP is now available for vendors to review and respond on the State Procurement website.  The review period is open from March 4th until April 12th.  Once vendor responses are received, the product evaluation phase will begin.  Throughout the evaluation process, the Steering Team Committee and the LEAPForward project team will work with an evaluation committee to score the responses and recommend the new vendor(s) to the Board of Trustees.

In order to still view the AIE RFP, an active ULID is required.  Click here to view the terms and agreements.

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