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Frequently Asked Questions

General LEAPForward FAQs

What is LEAPForward?
Forward is a five year Initiative to redesign the academic architecture at Illinois State University.  The object of the Initiative is to create simple, seamless access to data across all departments on campus; meet all technology needs for students, faculty, staff, and parents; and eliminate unnecessary processes.

Why is the Academic Information Environment changing?
The current information technology (IT) applications are currently out of date and do not meet the growing needs of students and our business. Our business processes have been tailored around an aging mainframe system.

How will this change affect me?
As is true in any large organization, visibility of processes across unit, departmental and divisional lines is not always present. As a result, duplication, repetition and non-value added steps often become embedded into our business processes. Processes should become more simplified and data should become easier to access. Processes that may have touched multiple systems and required manual manipulation may be streamlined to fit into a new system.

System FAQs for Students/Faculty/Staff

Students, faculty, and staff who use the new system may have additional questions. Answers to anticipated questions about the new system are available by clicking the badge below, which links to a student/faculty/staff FAQ page on ISU's Enrollment Management and Academic Services website:

Other questions? Please email and we'll work on getting answers to you as soon as possible.

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