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Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is packaged software which provides an integrated solution and has multiple functions within the delivered system.  An ERP can be thought of as a suite of software applications.  To put it into context, it can be compared to Microsoft Office.  The components are broken down into functionalities: email (Outlook), spreadsheets (Excel), word processor (Word), and slide presentations (Power Point).  The core ERP functions for ISU may contain: recruiting, admissions, financial aid, registration, grade collection, etc.

The Enterprise Resource Planning packages ISU desires must have an integrated information system with the ability to serve any department on campus.  The ERP team developed a request for the University to solicit companies for solutions to improve academic and student information collection and processing.  There will be multiple solutions to implement and integrate with new and existing hardware and software environments.  Implementing packages at ISU will lead the University in the right direction to become more efficient and productive in data information integration, freeing up faculty, staff and student time.

ISU's current framework allows multiple departments to have their own operating systems.  For example, Human Resources gathers faculty and staff information into one database and the University Registrar gathers student information into another database.  The two databases lack the ability to pull information cleanly from one to another or challenge which database stores the master data for the individual.  Currently, if a student becomes an employee of ISU, the student will once again need to provide all of their information to Human Resources.  Successfully implementing software packages will eliminate these extra steps, minimizing the risk of data entry error and reduce unnecessary information duplication.  ERPs will allow departments on campus to easily share information and communicate with one another and ensure that ISU will continue to attract high quality students, staff and faculty.

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