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The LEAPForward initiative is designed to support the vision of Educating Illinois, the strategic plan at Illinois State University.  The present day academic information environment, at Illinois State University, is comprised of a 30-year-old legacy framework that was developed in-house.  The system architecture was created in a mainframe environment.  The current mainframe server has reached its end of life and Administrative Technologies has recently negotiated an agreement to host the mainframe off-campus.




The current academic information environment at Illinois State University cannot keep up with the expectations of students, faculty, and staff.  When technology was first being introduced to ISU in 1982, only 389 computer terminals were accessing information.  Today, there are over 26,000 devices trying to gather information, on a daily basis, using the original system.  This system is unable to handle the large amount of devices trying to gather information.  The President's cabinet supports the need to transition to a more flexible and modern academic information environment.  This improvement will help ISU attract the highest quality students, faculty, and staff and compete with other institutions.


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