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Housing and Dining Terms Agreement

Terms and Conditions:

Please review and acknowledge your review of the following guidelines:

Competitive Process Guidelines

These guidelines are based on State “Ex parte” communication standards for State Entities. A general summary is that only “point person” communication must occur to aid in avoiding insider information to a specific vendor.

The competitive process is governed by the State of Illinois Procurement Code and Rules. Violations of the code and rules may result in additional state level review and extended timelines for the project. Those violations could also result in vendors being disqualified and/or cancelation of the current competitive process.

Procurement Code: Illinois Procurement Code



During this competitive process, all questions from and communications with potential respondents concerning the competitive process must be directed through the Purchasing Department contact (Ernie Olson). Some potential respondents are currently providing services to ISU and have direct communications with ISU staff. Any vendor requests for information concerning this solicitation must be re-directed to Purchasing.

It is expected that service providers for Illinois State University will adopt, both for themselves and their employees, the highest ethical standards in the industry. All vendors should become familiar with applicable State of Illinois and Federal standards and/or statutes concerning ethical business conduct rules.

It is important to maintain not just the concept of being unbiased but also the appearance of being open-minded and not biased towards any one vendor. Although small gifts are not in violation of any ethics code, they lend themselves to deterioration of the appearance of a non-biased evaluation.

During this competitive process, please refrain from discussing ISU’s current and future needs for Housing and Dining Systems with vendors and consultants. University staff comments can be used against the University to protest awards. Protests can slow down our progress towards fulfilling ISU needs.

If you have any questions, please contact Purchasing, , 309-438-1946.


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