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Mainframe Performance Restored

The Mainframe tables that were changed to read-only for the migration of Campus Solutions to production have been unlocked and can now be updated.  The tables that were impacted are Biographic/Demographic data for students, faculty and staff.


The Mainframe tables that have been unlocked and can now be updated are:








The Mainframe applications that are now restored are:

Additional Housing Maintenance

Address Maintenance

Admission Application

APRS Alternative Program Records System

Auxiliary Credit Maintenance

Course Registration Maintenance

Degree Audit Catalog/GE Maintenance

Demographic Maintenance

FICE Maintenance

Graduation Application

Graduation Application Maintenance

Health History Maintenance

Honors Maintenance

Housing Residency Maintenance

International Student Maintenance

LEAP EMPLID Maintenance

Name Maintenance

New Start Maintenance

Non-Monetary Delinquency Maintenance

Oasis Academic Advisement

Parking Charge Maintenance

Preview Maintenance

Probation Maintenance

Second Semester Room Change

Student Catalog and General Education Maintenance

Student Term Additional Maintenance

Transcript Hold Maintenance

Transcript Maintenance

UID Assignment

UID-SSN Maintenance


Other key applications that are now restored are: 


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