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August Release Details

August Release Details

The first phase of the new Illinois State University student information system is scheduled for migration into production during the weekend of August 1st - 3rd. Once the migration is complete, the Admissions process will be available online to students registering for the fall of 2015. This includes applying online, paying application fees and enrollment deposits, and viewing the application status/required information to complete the application process. During the migration, the campus community will be updated via email and Tech Alerts.
Other items included in the first phase:
  • A new campus-wide identity management system that facilitates self-registration and University Login ID (ULID) activation.
  • Establishment of permanent ULIDs for all students that start during the application process and continue through their attendance as a student at ISU.
  • Students registering for the fall of 2015 will have a central web portal to manage their account details and receive university communications regarding their application process.
The next phase of the LEAPForward project is scheduled in February of 2015.

Conversions and Testing

  • All conversions verifications are complete, including the Admissions Applications.
  • The self-registration page has been enabled.
  • System Integration validation is complete.
  • Production Readiness testing began at 9:00 AM Sunday, August 3.

Mainframe Performance Restored

The Mainframe tables that were changed to read-only for the migration of Campus Solutions to production have been unlocked and can now be updated. The tables that were impacted are Biographic/Demographic data for students, faculty and staff.

Mainframe Read-Only

Some Mainframe tables have been marked read only to allow for migration to the new Student Information System. The following campus applications will be partially unavailable:
  • Mainframe Applications
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