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As the LEAPForward Initiative moves forward, the implementation phase will soon begin for the Student Information System, business intelligence tool, housing and dining, payment gateway, Identity and Access Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Interaction Hub.  Phases of implementation will involve building and testing each area’s data, training the subject matter experts on the new systems, and moving the data from the mainframe to the new environment.  The information below describes each area of implementation.

Business Intelligence (BI) – The ability to collect, maintain and organize data from different sources to enable the effective use of information to support the academic and administrative functions across campus.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – A communication tool that will help manage recruitment of prospective students from first contact through enrollment. The CRM’s marketing and analytics capabilities will help ISU tailor communications to prospective students in all stages of the enrollment process, improving our success in recruitment.

Housing and Dining – A new way of signing contracts for meal plans and residence that will integrate with other applications such as IAM and SIS (student information system). This will give students more options when selecting room assignments and increase roommate matching.

Identity and Access Management (IAM) – Will help the University manage who has access and authorization to campus applications.

Payment Gateway – Will allow students to pay their contracts, tuition, library fees, meal plans and much more through electronic payment.

Student Information System (SIS) – The new SIS is an application to manage student data and will replace the aging technology system at Illinois State University.

Interaction Hub – The University purchased Oracle’s PeopleSoft Interaction Hub to serve as a portal for entering, accessing and updating data contained within the PeopleSoft Campus Solutions environment. The portal will help facilitate a connection between users and the student information system.

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