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Student Information System

Current Status

Below is the weekly status update for the LEAPForward Initiative.
Student Information System
Academic Advising
Advising has completed an analysis for the overall undergrad degree requirements and requirements identification has begun for specific majors. The majors with the highest concentration of students will be detailed first beginning with Elementary Education.
Admissions worked on completing configuration of the online application. Queries for admissions communications are being configured along with the design of a workflow for approval of student applications.
Financial Aid
The Financial Aid team completed configuration of general financial aid parameters, financial aid term, budgets, commit levels, and configuration of need analysis and Institutional Student Information Record (ISIR). Packaging, disbursement, security, self-service and 3Cs continue to be configured. The team implemented Monetary Award Program (MAP) processing functionality in the development environment and will be reviewing the capability to determine if any modifications will be required.
Student Financials
Due to the high volume of waivers, a file was created and will be uploaded into Campus Solutions to avoid the need to create more than 3,000 waivers manually. The team continued to map chart strings (account numbers) to item types.
Student Records
Student Records completed the crosswalk for the Course Catalog, corrected a few errors identified during the Bio/Demo conversion data load and configured all current and historical external degrees. Work continues on Transfer Credit Articulation mapping, External Organizations and Subjects. Team members are currently working on building historical plans and are almost finished building new graduate plans for the 2014-2016 catalog. The team continues to work on Tracking Student Careers and Managing Academic Records tables.
Cross Module
There were no new issues this week, therefore, the cross module meeting was cancelled.
Mainframe to Campus Solutions Data Conversion
The initial full Bio/Demo load was ran, errors have been corrected and data will be reloaded. Emergency Contacts is complete. Relationships, Test Scores and Residency conversions are ready to be loaded. External Education and Course Catalog design work has been completed and is currently in the build phase. Admission Application and Transfer Credit Articulation Rules are in the design phase.

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