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LEAP Hosts Student Night

On Tuesday night the LEAPForward Department hosted IT student groups for an informational night and pizza. The students viewed presentations on an overview of LEAP, Business Process Management, Business Intelligence, and Enterprise Resource Management. Students also participated in scavenger hunt which allowed them to explore the building and test out innovative technology. The students asked a lot of questions and seemed to really enjoy their experience.


The LEAPForward team is happy to announce a new addition to our lobby – FourWinds! FourWinds is interactive software that is used to build interactive touch screen displays. The Bone Student Center utilizes the same FourWinds software with a different template design.  The LEAPForward display will be used as an informational tool for the building. It will include ways to get involved, a timeline of the initiative, photographs of past events, upcoming events, and information about each part of the initiative.

What is TOGAF?

At Illinois State University, TOGAF is the methodology being used to help implement the brand new academic infrastructure.  Using an architecture framework, like TOGAF, will speed up and simplify the architecture deployment and make certain that the architecture selected allows for future growth in response to the needs of the university.  TOGAF®, an Open Group Standard, is a proven enterprise architecture methodology and framework used by the world's leading organizations to improve business efficiency.  

Festival ISU

Yesterday the LEAPForward team set up shop outside of Fell Hall for Festival ISU. The team handed out fliers and candy in an effort to help spread awareness of the LEAPForward initiative. “It was a great way to get our name out there and gave us a chance to talk to some of the student body” said Kara Nelson, a project specialist for LEAPForward. Despite blistering temperatures and melting candy, the team felt that overall the Festival went very well and looks forward to the next University wide event!

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