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A Day in the Office

Here at LEAPForward, it is rare to have everyone together in the office at the same time. LEAPForward  team members are continuously running from meeting to meeting here on campus. The other half of the team holds down the fort with their own meetings here at the PDB.

Festival ISU

Yesterday the LEAPForward team set up shop outside of Fell Hall for Festival ISU. The team handed out fliers and candy in an effort to help spread awareness of the LEAPForward initiative. “It was a great way to get our name out there and gave us a chance to talk to some of the student body” said Kara Nelson, a project specialist for LEAPForward. Despite blistering temperatures and melting candy, the team felt that overall the Festival went very well and looks forward to the next University wide event!

We've Moved

In spirit of students arriving back on campus and moving in to the residence halls this week, the LEAP Department is excited to announce that we have moved!
Though the rest of Administrative Technologies is housed in Julian Hall, the LEAP Department has made a move across campus to the Professional Development Building.  The Professional Development Building (or PDB) opened in 1993 and previously housed the Mennonite College of Nursing. 

Bowman Approves!

On July 27th, our Associate Vice President for Administrative Technologies Andrea Ballinger, and Chief Technology Officer Dr.

Get Ready to LEAP

We are LEAPForward, part of Administrative Technologies at Illinois State University.  Sponsored by the Vice Presidents and with the support of President Bowman, the LEAPForward project is an effort to modernize the design of our administrative systems.   

LEAPForward Staff Speaks Up

After meeting with several departments, eMerge feels confident and optimistic about the Business Process Management effort. Subject matter experts have been very helpful and positive through the current state process mapping where their day to day business processes are documented.  The information collected from these sessions will be used to identify opportunities for improvements and best practice.


Release of RFP!

The LEAPForward team is excited to announce the release of our Request for Proposal (RFP) for the Enterprise Architecture Planning Partner.   This proposal seeks to select a consulting partner that will not only aid in our efforts in implementing an enterprise architecture initiative but will also be utilizing The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF), Version 9.1.

LEAP Forward Project is Under Way!

The business process management phase is under way.


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